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When viewing "stats" in WHM plugin, will the "Domain" column show an addon domain or only the main domain?

I have a quick question about how cloud linux works with cpanel "addon" domains.

For example, let's say we have a customer who has a cpanel account configured like this:

Cpanel Username: username
Cpanel "main" domain:
Cpanel "addon" domain #1:
Cpanel "addon" domain #2:

Now... if their "" website is the one that is using too much resources and creating the entry processes faults or memory faults or cpu limiting... how would we determine this?

In other words, when we click on the WHM plugin and see the "Domain" column... is that column ever going to show ""? Or would it always show "" because that is the one associated with the customer's cpanel account?

I hope this question makes sense.

The problem is that we have some customers who have created many addon domains, and sometimes when they log into their cpanel they see their account is being limited by Cloud Linux. However, it does not show which domain is being limited... but I do see a "Domain" listed in some history screens in WHM.

My thinking is that the LVE has no way to know what is the domain being limited, so "Domain" value is always going to be the main cpanel domain, even if it is one of the add-on domains that is the actual problem.

Let me know...

I am afraid there is no way to figure out right now. The LVE limits are per customer, not per domain :(
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