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UBC Not Available
Im trying to enable limits on this new server I have but when I try it says
[email protected] [~]# lvectl ubc status
Ubc is not available
getting this on cl 6.1, too:

lvectl ubc status
Ubc is not available

any way to fix this?
Memory limits are always enabled in CloudLinux 6.x, and there is no lvectl ubc.
Does that then make this setting in /etc/container/ve.cfg invalid?

<ubc enabled="false"></ubc>
No, it just ignores that statement, and moves on.
But, it's a little misleading. I know you guys like to use the blog to talk about new and deprecated features but real release notes would be nice for reference. Other than this forum post I couldn't find any mention of memory limits being enabled by default in CL 6.x, or the reason? Up until this point you guys didn't want them enabled by default. What changed?
Sorry, you are right. Release notes are needed.

The memory limits are enabled by default in CL6. Mostly because it is new OS, based on new kernel, and we seen no reason to disable them by default.
In CL5 -- it was a feature added mid-cycle, and lots of people upgrading didn't realize that it appeared.
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