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EMAIL: your CloudLinux Installation has issues
Hi all

I'm fairly new to CloudLinux managment - though have been running CL for awhile on our dedicated hosting servers... and everything running no probs until now (so not much "management needed" )

Just recently one of our client cPanel+CL servers that we manage has been sending warning email.

"Your CloudLinux Installation has issues"
Detecting control panel: Control Panel - cPanel Control Panel verion - 11.40.0
Check /etc/sysctl.conf: fs.enforce_symlinksifowner - None
Detecting SuEXEC:WARNING SuEXEC without CageFS jail
Detecting SuPHP:WARNING SuPHP without CageFS jail
Check /etc/ssh/sshd_config: OK

I assume this is due to some recent updates with CL / cPanel

In my sysctl.conf I have the line
fs.symlinkown_gid = xx

(though all of our other cPanel+CL servers don't have that directive)

The fs.enforce_symlinksifowner directive is not specifcied (none of our other servers have that directive either)

Is this email saying I should simply set
fs.enforce_symlinksifowner == 0

Hoping someone help clarify/can point me in the right direction to resolve the issue - though it doesn't seem to be affecting server.

Don't want to tweak the config until I'm 100% sure I'm making right changes on production server ;)
Edited: Jonathan Huckabee - 24.11.2013 01:11:36
Please, try updating to this beta: As it fixes several problems with diagnostic that fixes detection of many things:
The cron that does detection can be removed using: rm /etc/cron.d/cldiag-cron
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