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LVE Script/API access, get Lightweight Virtual Environment via script
We are using cpanel & cloud linux. Everything is working great in WHM and CPanel!
The customer can also see the LVE in cPanel right now (CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Entry Processes).

Now, we want to build our own User Interface and manage everything via the cPanel API (API1, API2, ..)
Unfortunately, we didn't find a way to receive the LVE data via script (PHP).

Is there any possibility or can someone provide a snipped of code how to do this?

Thank you in advance
There is no cPanel API for that, but you can store lve data centrally, and use lveinfo / lvechart to retrieve the data:

Plz, see section on MySQL/PostgreSQL integration.
Hello Igor,

thank you for your answer! I will check/test this right away! :)
Works fine...! One question:
Is it possible to change the behavior, that logs get deleted after a time?
Thank you for a short info!
Best regards
The info is automatically deleted after two months.
And there is now way to setup the LVE in a way, that NOTHING gets deleted?
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