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Getting user ID
Hey there,

Basically I'm trying to see the current settings for a user account in cloud linux through the LVE manager in WHM.

When I go to home, I can see the current users showing up and their ID's however I have not been able to find out how I can find the ID for a random user.

Basically I want to be able to see what limits a user is currently on - is there a way to do this? I know when you click on an LVE ID in the list on home, you can get Modify settings for LVE 654 and it will show you what settings it already has applied such as cpu/ram.

When looking the account in history however, as it is now showing 100% for the cpu I can't actually tell what the current limits are set to?

So the short version is, how do I see the cpu limit of a current cpanel account.

The LVE ID is the same as the user's system UID. This can be obtained via CLI/SSH using the following example command, replacing "username" with the username of the cPanel account.
id username
id -u username

Here is a command to show the limits for a specific username:
lvectl limits $(id -u username)

Via WHM, you may view LVE limits for a specific account by entering in the account's username into the appropriate form field, such as in the History view.
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lvectl limits $(id -u username) does exactly what I need!

I can't see the CPU in the History anymore, because for the limit it shows 100 - as was discovered in my other thread here:
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